Pinegrow Theme Converter - can't open an HTML project

Hi everyone, I’m new to the forum and just beginning with wordpress. I’ve bought the license for the Theme Converter, got a one-page website done in Blocs and exported it (via Blocs). In result, i have the index.html, css and js folders etc.

My question is, how to start the process of converting the website to a wordpress theme? Pinegrow Theme Converter writes to “start by opening an existing HTML project”, however it does not allow me to choose the index.html file. In fact all the files are greyed out. There must be something very basic that I’m missing and I would be happy to get an advice about this.

Thank you!

Hi there, the Project is the actual folder all the files are saved in… the directory which contains the files you list.
Try selecting that itself, as the project is the collection of all the associated files, not just the index file.

have you tried following the tutorials btw?