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Pinegrow Theme Converter to Elementor or Visual Composer, possible?

Hi there! I am using Pinegrow Wordpress Converter to convert my HTML files into a Worpress template and at the moment I am very happy with the result.
What does happen is that some of my clients are asking me to have more control over the structure of the site and want to be able to use a composer like Elmentor or Visual Composer.

Is there any possibility to convert a template converted by Pinegrow into something that Elementor or Visual Composer can understand so users can modify?
Thank you very much for any suggestions!

If you can’t load anything directly into Elementor or Visual Composer and use either of these to spit out a project file I’m stumped.

I know of no direct conversion software solution specifically created to do what you are asking given that TC is relatively new.

Are you for certain that the theme output by TC cannot be opened by either of these programs?

Yes, it can’t since they have their own CSS clases, etc. I am sure there must be a way though of converting but I’ll have to keep googling for a solution.