Plugin for visual studio or visual code

Hi there,
It would be nice to have a plugin for visual studio just like the one for atom.
I do all programming in visual studio so it would be awesome to get a connection between VS and PG.

With a plugin for VS it would be easy to edit .aspx files and modify the master page and the code behind.


What about VS Code? Is it / will it be supported?

Would like to see VS Code supported also :slight_smile:

yes would love to see that myself vs code user

+1 for VS Code support

As somebody who recently switched from Atom to VS Code (and doesn’t regret it in the slightest), I give this a +1 as well

+1 here, i am trying the trial version but having this would be a plus.

Created an account, to add my voice to this request.
Would love to see a pinegrow vscode plugin.

Works great, looking forward to seeing what is next :slight_smile:


what was the issue? (sort of thing)
Was it not disconnecting/reconnecting when opening and closing files, after an initial connection?

@schpengle You can see on GitHub what has changed, and solved the issue(s) :see_no_evil:.

mmm ,maybe that was gobbledegook for
woops, this is windows,
so, your file path is wrong
so change it to this file path,
when you open the NEXT file

maybe :slight_smile:
I think something along those lines

and wow! is it my browser, or is

not responsive? :scream_cat:
Because it isnt on my mac

Cool to see that it’s trending at VS Code Marketplace

@matjaz @MhdAljuboori

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If you like the VS Code plugin please post a review on the VSC Marketplace

Done, I appear to be the first review.
Happy days :slight_smile:

This Duck Face also posted a review.

mmmmm… it looks like the Cartoon critters around here are the Creatures of action then!

Thanks @schpengle & @Marf! And you got the chance to role play a bit :wink: