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Plugin for visual studio or visual code


Incredible… ALL the people asking for this…and
TWO reviews! posted so far!

Incredible… all the whining and whinging… well the only. reason I don’t use this is…

etc etc and ALL the feature requests…
TWO…and one of those requests WASN’T even me!

I’m still waiting for sublime text plugin! :stuck_out_tongue:
in fact the ONLY reason that I installed VS is BECAUSE of Pinegrow!
and the ONLY reason I installed Atom was…because of PG!

At my level of coding, they are FAR too bloated and huge! (I don’t have much disk space)
and SublimeText has a much lighter, faster and more responsive footprint.


… currently this now has 1216 downloads and STILL … only 2 feedback!
that is

0.16 % feedback! wow, time well spent developing that AND
basking in the appreciation :slight_smile:
so, that means

… that if you develop a SUBLIME TEXT 3 (or 2 , probably 3) plugin
and I AM THE ONLY ONE… who downloads it.
just me

then, you will have 100% feedback!!


much more satisfying for the PG Dev team,
(well, this logic works for me :slight_smile: )


If we are discussing numbers and percentages then also consider that this request was made two years ago. When finally acted upon it only took a handful of days to realize and release to the public for VS Code. So shouldn’t users possibly also be afforded the same time gap to take action regarding offering reviews? ;–)

Obviously with 1000 downloads in the first week it has already proven to be an early success and that was obviously not based on those reviews.

Also consider the Atom plugin was released 2+ years ago, it has nearly 10,000 downloads and only 8 stars, showing these % of reviews / stars don’t prove to be the catalyst for usage and downloads.

Downloads and usage conversions into the Pinegrow app workflow are the most important thing.

Hopefully the developers see how adding various plugins / extensions for various editors can help draw people into Pinegrow. So perhaps we will see other support for popular ones coming also, Sublime, etc. Given the proven low investment to make, they should pay big returns in bringing new users into the Pinegrow platform of products.

:evergreen_tree: :hearts:


blah blah blah… #Humour

SublimeText was released so long before Atom/VSc ,
That the source code comments were written in LATIN!

Still waiting… just saying :slight_smile: