Thank you pinegrow developers!

First off all i want to say Pinegrow is hands down one of the best software i have bought period!! , and i have over 10k in software’s etc. With the release of Visual studio code plugin it just shows that the pinegrow developers listen to the users and that goes a long way now days.

Finally i can uninstall all other frontend tools and make Pinegrow my main frontend tool and with the release of visual studio plugin it really helps a lot when I am making the backend in C# and .net

I just felt like I had to come here and thank you guys for listening and thank you for all the hard work you put in pinegrow.

Only thing that is missing now is good woocommerce support cough cough …… :slight_smile:


Hi there @beatngu, nice comment! :slight_smile: and yes, its pretty funky, this really leapfrogs it up there in terms of productivity and familiarity.
Why spend AGES… and gazzillions of man hours developing one of the best (and rather large and bloated and huge and and… ok enough already) Text editors on the planet, which is developed and released for free, by the largest software/OS producer on the planet…(when your development team is 3 guys, one wife, one or two kids (not sure) and a dog!) er

…when you can software leverage it and ALL its functionality into your App!

A total no brainer. and amazingly well done. Genius and awesome use of skills and logic.
Man, I just love these guys and their logic (and wife, kids and dog.)

And with regards WooCommerce, Ive pondered that too, have you checked out these results?

do they cover what your after or No?
and since we are doing Hint Hints did any clever people ever leverage this plugin into SublimeText yet?