Problems loading my website

Hallo! I have a problem loading my website. I can’t load it either as file nor as url. Every time I try, Pinegrow goes down.

My website is:

Can anybody tell me what the problem is?

I can replicate this also, with the following versions of Pinegrow:

  • ver 2.951
  • ver 3.11
  • ver 4 Beta 1

The app window closes after the site seems to load, then the app either quits, or remains in a non responding state indefinitely and needs forced quit.

I see you used Blocs as a starting point then modified things further with Pinegrow, cool.

However, in the main “style.css” located in the root directory, I see the following 2 instances
with a “few” peculiar redundant selectors present ? :flushed: :crazy_face:

a[data-lightbox]:hover::before::before: /* … continues for 32767 instances of “:before:” … */ :before{

a[data-lightbox]:hover img img img img /* … continues for 32768 instances of “img” … */ img{

Surely this can not be correct or intended.

So I would believe what happens is Pinegrow loads the page but then crashes when it encounters these redundant instances. Causing it to not properly parse things accordingly, like an infinite loop.

After a quick look, that is all I noticed, which seemed out of place or obvious.

Try fixing that and see if it corrects things. But, how did so many get there ?

Thank you so much for your quick answer. You are right, that was the problem. But how can something like that happen?

I used blocs for a while before I came to pinegrow, its kind of interesting, but now pinegrow is my favorite tool.

You’re welcome glad it resolved your issue.

Not sure.

What version of each app were you using ? Are you using any other apps in your workflow that would deal with the source code?

So yes the question remains, where did this redundant CSS occur, did Blocs or Pinegrow do it in error inadvertently? It would be nice to know how that happened, where and when it occurred, as 32767+ instances is very strange.

There are blocs, brackets and pinegrow in my workflow. I didn’t change the source code for longer time, so I really don’t know what app and what version caused the error. I noticed this week that there is something wrong.
The last update I put on my server was 30.06 2017

I can confirm that based upon cache snapshots of your site, it occurred or seems first present on June 2, 2017.

So either:

  • One of those 3 programs in your workflow [ Blocs , Brackets , Pinegrow ] played a part in adding it.

  • You feel asleep at the keyboard and your face / hands hit the proper keys to copy & paste
    that many times, before you woke up. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  • Somehow it was injected into your page / site by someone else or another rogue method.

If you ever figure it out let us know, seems really strange.

I know, I’m a bit late to the party and this may be only slightly interesting, but the numbers of links
are interesting as they were important numbers back in the day of Commodore CBM PET
Personal computers!
I was programming them back in the early 80’s and…
32767 and 32768 was where one of the corners of the VDU’s display memory appeared,
and you would POKE ASCII characters to it to make glyphs appear!
(and then PEEK to see what was there if doing a graphics game - in BASIC language)

…just saying… incase that magic number…still has some relevance today…