Rem unit support

In the visual css editor, does the control’s slider (up/down dragging thingy) support REM units instead of pixels? Is this a settings anywhere?

Learnt that pixel is not accessibility friendly and rem is the way to go and there is a trick to set html 62.5% (in the link below) to make all rem calculations relative.

the sliders you are pointing to support rem on my PG pro for windows.

but just like for px, you have to enter the units along with the number.


if you enter a decimal as above, then you have 0.1 increment control of the number using the arrow keys.

however, that’s only good to 2 decimal places and it still increments by 0.1

i.e enter .625rem and it rounds to .62rem and the arrow keys move between .62rem and .72rem

it would be helpful if the standard rem increments of 1/8th fraction were available to users.

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Thanks a bunch, you were right, once I enter rem manually, the slider increments/decrements preserving the rem…

Would be great to get the fractions right, how are feature requests done here in PG, should we email the team?

they have a topic for that

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