Server error when importing files

When I try to import a zip file in the wordpress plugin than I get the error about a server error.
I tried to changed the php.ini file but nothing seems to work.
Hope you can help me

Hi there, well, you might want to give a bit more info to get yourself some help -and welcome aboard :slight_smile:

what type of server,
What server error,
What zip file (is it a pinegrow project website?.. )

I guess its because the Zip file is too large.

if so, and you have a load of media files /pics etc, then try zipping the site without all the media stuff so its smaller and then upload the media files later.

But without any more info , you might not get much help.

This lot might help too.

so good luck and let us know how it goes, after checking that lot out, or providing more info.

If its your

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