Stateful components possible?

Hi! I’m a designer with basic HTML/CSS skills and I’m planning to use Pinegrow for creating quick static prototypes (not real sites). Is there a way to create stateful components or static imitation of it (with interactions maybe)? Things like creating conditionals to show/hide parts of UI based on user interactions, error/success states etc? Searching “stateful components” in forum or docs doesn’t seem to show anything. Any hints where to look at?

Hi @Vunts ,

Pinegrow is a web design app and not a Figma or Sketch type of app!

Pinegrow is a excellent app for HTML Rapid Prototyping!

One possibility is to use the Bootstrap 5 framework in combination with Interactions. Bootstrap comes with a lot of components that are easily adjustable with CSS and some JavaScript.

The advantage is a huge time saver over Sketch and Figma like transitions etc. that have to be translated in a later stadium in real code.

With HTML Rapid Prototyping you have your prototype “Real World” working in minutes.

This is just my personal workflow.