Support for semi-custom tailwind theme

I’d love to see support for an editable tailwind.config.js and tailwind.source.css using the built-in compiler.

The built-in design panel for Tailwind doesn’t give me quite as much flexibility as I’d like, but I rarely need the full power of an external build process. I don’t make many modifications, but the ones that I regularly do require me to configure and use the external build process. I’m lazy so I’d rather not do that :slight_smile:
Here are the things I typically do:

  • Add the fluid typography plugin and create rules to apply them to heading elements using “:where(h1)” syntax
  • Modify the screens to remove 2xl
  • Center containers (sometimes)
  • Add default container padding (sometimes)

I’m definitely not doing anything crazy here and I’m sure the community would appreciate a little more design flexibility for Tailwind. I don’t think we need to be constrained by controls in the design panel, which is why I’m suggesting a way to modify the configuration and style files.

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@adamslowe using TW plugins such as Fluid Typography makes it very difficult to use built-in compiler. These plugins are anyway installed with npm and require all the associated setup. I have no idea how to support that with a built-in compiler.

I figured that would be the answer re: TW plugins, even though it isn’t what I wanted to hear. I assume base, components, and utilities are safe, though, right? Does the theme section of config and the TW CSS file present similar issues?