Tailwind CSS v3 setup

Forgive my ignorance, but I have a question about the dev setup for Tailwind CSS (v3). I have a project with Tailwind CSS but I was looking for the tailwind.config.js file to add some custom code but I realised its not present. I found a tutorial for a manual install of Tailwind here>

In my current project the usual Tailwind classes are present. Would I need to preform a manual install of Tailwind and the relevant node modules to customise it further? I have already added my custom colours via the visual ‘Colors’ window in Pinegrow. I would like to now customise the font sizes with rem but I can’t manage that without doing so with the tailwind.config.js file. Or else I am writing SASS with custom classes.
Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

Pinegrow let’s you use their built in compiler, where you have no real control over the Tailwind config, or an external compiler.

Here is a video I made a while ago showing you how to configure and use it.

Pinegrow’s External Build Process for Tailwind CSS

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  1. Pinegrow Design Panel → tailwind.config.js (theme customization)
  2. tailwind.config.js → Pinegrow Props Panel (visual controls customization)

With tailwind v2.x, both (1) and (2) works
With tailwind v3.x, only (1) works. For (2), JIT compiler turned out to be a blocker, and solutioning is underway by the PG team.

Oh lovely thank you so much I will give it a watch. Very fascinating software. I nearly installed Tailwind as I do for any dev project manually but thought that would be defeating the point of Pinegrow’s integration.

So I have learned as I have navigated through it. Thank you for the confirmation. Just had to be certain.

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