Support for Word docs?

Quick question. Can Pinegrow import a Word doc?

what do you mean by import a Word doc?

@GreatScot no I don’t believe it can. What’s wrong with copy and paste?

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@rob Copy and paste will work. It means it has to be done by someone with enough tech savvy to run PineGrow. We have a lot of non-technical people so having them drop a word doc into a folder would be a nice-to-have.

@jack_clarity We’ve looked at some systems that read Word tags and convert them to styles. Not a deal breaker for us though.

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Hey @GreatScot Ignore @Rob and me, as we were just having a laugh, as often people expect Pinegrow to be something it isn’t, while ignoring all the fantastic features, but sounds like you’re just thinking of these users who aren’t tech savvy!