Symbol for hyphen?

In html I often use the entity ­ to allow hyphenation when necessary. Sometimes I see a red dot in the code instead, sometimes not.

Bildschirmfoto 2021-05-13 um 18.14.51

This is really good but why isn’t it consistent? Or is it something different?

Hi @aquorange,
That is interesting. I seem to get it in a different color, but never as a red dot. Can you pinpoint when it does this? What framework? In any element (div, p h1)?

Hi @RobM,
I really can’t say. I think it has to do with the text I put in. Something like a soft hyphen from MS Word or a layout software or even from email. But normally I copy such things into a text editor like BBedit and then paste into html. I tried to copy the code from PG to BBedit: There I only see normal ”-” . Pasted back into PG the red dots are there again. Pasted to Atom Codeeditor makes the dashes “-” disappear. I found the original text in MS Word but it is without soft hyphens.
Really, I can’t say :grimacing:


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