Design panel italiced all reg text

  1. In html with Theme, all my regular text went italic after making a regular text change in the Design panel. All I did was specific lighter and 1.5 line height. Luckily I remembered this was the last thing I did before italics set in and removed it.

2, When working in PG with VSC open then closing PG with save all or command opt S, leaving VSC open I do nothing then close VSC. But upon reopening VSC I get a request to compare files as PG and VSC evidently didn’t synchronize. What to do about this please? It happens occasionally.

Hi @kat,

  1. I assume from you past projects you are working with Bootstrap, or…? How did you set the line height? Can you do a quick screen shot of both the Design panel and some text on the screen?
  2. If this is an intermittent problem it is really hard to troubleshoot. I’ve never had it happen to me. If you can provide a set of steps that will replicate the error I can look into it. Can you also take a screen shot of the message next time?


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  1. Working with HTML with Theme, normalize. No Bootstrap. It didn’t show in PG just when I opened the page in browser in both PG & VSC. For now I’m steering clear of the design panel
  2. Next time it happens I’ll do a screenshot.