Sync websites among devices

How do you (my fellow PG users) sync your websites’ developments among your various devices? I don’t see anywhere within PineGrow where this can be done. Can you use Atom to sync?

Any/all ideas or suggestions are welcomed.

PG reports its API URL as: “http://localhost:4000

Something you wrote a while back… I distinctly remember a “number of zeros” problem.

localhost is usually so what does this mean?

It means that if you can run say, PG on a desktop or tower, and you have a laptop on the same network (hooked through the same modem) and isolation is not invoked…!

Then you can run up PG on one device, and then atom or vscode on a different device and they will interact together as long as they can run the software.

Does Atom run on a cellphone? Then you can use a cellphone to run Atom and interact with PG on your pc, etc.

Or, do you have a browser address, usually in the format,, for example.

Pull up a web page on all your browsers on all of your devices and watch them all change as the updates are made.

Fun stuff!

edit: “http://localhost:40000” is the same as “” and using the correct port is very important as we both know.

I’m more than unsure, what this means, literally.

Sync = synchronise what?

  1. In Pinegrow - so the developing mode:
    It is possible to have several windows parallel open. So say a “Small device” vs. a “big device”

  2. Real life testing?
    I’m used to do static (HTML) sites. I have a dropbox-app called updog. With this app, I get a real and from anywhere reachable (24/7) url allowing me to test my sites. Example link:
    So even when I get in trouble, I could share a link in order to get help. For dynamic stuff, I suppose I’d do this via MAMP.

  3. Just different browsers (Safari, Chrome, FF, Opera)
    This is tough - but I have a wonder-weapon (germanz always have one) called CodeKit. The cool thing here: Once you have your local url opened in all your browsers - by one-safe in PG, all connected Browsers and code-editors are updated at once. Convenient for using code-editors that are not natively supported in PG (such as Sublime or Brackets).

  4. The myth of “Designing for devices”!
    A different story though, it might having to do with it as well. I’m not fixed on devices at all. I tend to have a look at my design. At the point it sucks - it’s time for a change. The good thing: We’ve only one web!

If it is not related to your topic - apologise. Or @randyrie could you please (just for guys like me), be a bit more precise on what you’re after?



For myself and my team members, we’re using PG for WordPress development, so we’re dealing with two distinct repositories in Git to ensure continuity of projects: (a) the PG template in HTML, and (b) the exported theme package in PHP.

Aside from that, for testing, we’re using physical devices for final QA and BrowserStack for soft QA to quickly determine if there are issues present in the mobile layouts.

As an individual, BrowserStack now offers a freelancer package that’s more than reasonable per month to do testing.

I hope this helps!