TailWind CSS 3 with Django 4

I came across pinegrow while searching for TailWind related stuff.

  1. I want to know if the next version of PineGrow will support TailWind CSS 3.x which is due shortly. (alpha is already released). I intend to start something starting with Django 4.0 and TailWindCSS 3 and so was wondering how will PineGrow structure and detect my /static/ components and purge CSS in the HTML files in Django’s template folders.

  2. Is there some tutorial on how to use PineGrow with Django ?

Hi @anjanesh,
Pinegrow does not support Tailwind CSS versions until they are out of beta. Prior to this point there is too much potential for breaking changes.

As for Django - I’m not sure Pinegrow is a great fit. Please download the free trial and give it a try, but I think Django templating is to abstracted for Pinegrow to be a great help. Pinegrow is well suited for straight HTML. For right now, as soon as you get into a template language like JSX, Mustache, etc the advantages and ease of use in the workflow become less.

Thank you for your response. I’ll definitely try the trial - I do have some static websites which use Bootstrap 5 and going to use TailWindCSS (thought of 3) for some upcoming ones. So PG Pro would be helpful.

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TailWind CSS 3 is getting released this Thursday - https://twitter.com/adamwathan/status/1467915766343348228