No more nodeJS setup for TailWindCSS 3.x

The latest version of TailWindCSS, version 3.0.7, comes with a standalone executable which doesn’t require node_modules etc to be setup by developers.

Just need to create tailwind.config.js and then run as is :
~/tailwindcss -i styles.src.css -o styles.css

Now, with this, will PineGrow integrate TailWindCSS 3.x in the next release ?

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I confirm, TailWindCSS 3.x support will of course be integrated into Pinegrow soon.


I am very much looking forward to this update, as I have 100% transitioned to Tailwind over the last year, as have most of the devs in my circle. Time to finally shed the BLOAT! :star_struck:

Hi @PwrSrg,
In the older version of Pinegrow, if you turn on the Design panel it will also turn on the JIT compiler to discard unused classes without the need for an external build.

This means that PineGrow s/w has JIT built-in ?

Looks like the update JUST LANDED. :grin:

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Wow ! That was quick.

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Pinegrow had JIT built-in in the last version. Now it has support if you want to use your own build process. That way you can add in other PostCSS packages and expanded content purging.