Trouble saving CSS changes in PG4.5

I have made changes to the style attribute. The help document says to click on the + next to the attribute name to save it. I don’t have that + to click on so I am stuck.

I’d appreciate any help. My guess is that I am missing something obvious.


well, @bhsiao, it should be showing there.
have you tried closing PG and reopening?

I did try closing and reopening but that didn’t help.

MM, I’m just having a look now, but I’m rather tired, and I’m not quite getting it to play ball either. I may be doing something wrong myself. I will check it out now. SO just replying so you don’t feel alone and abandoned on the forum :slight_smile:

you wouldn’t see a plus ( + ) sign until or unless you add some styling to it. and if you don’t click the + sign then you can only save it as inline css directly inside the tag where you have applied it.

Thanks, I appreciate that :slight_smile: