Error creating new stylesheet


Using PG 5.93 on MacOS.
I created a new stylesheet using the “Manage stylesheets…” menu option and attached it to the open page. While the link was added to the page, no file was created. When I then save the page I get an error pop-up saying “Some files were not saved. The following stylesheets were not saved: file:///…new.css - PostCSS received null instead of CSS string”

To recreate error:

  • Open a new plain HTML page, saved, and then open as a project.
  • From the “File” menu select “Manage Stylesheets…”.
  • From the popup select the “New…” option, enter file name in the input box, and click the “Add” button.
  • Dismiss pop-up
  • Attach new file to page
  • Attempt to save page

You mentioned PG v5.93, the current version at the moment is v5.94.

Maybe it’s an issue that’s already known and fixed by the devs, you could maybe update to PG v5.94 (when your license is still active, I assume it is), to see if you still experience this problem…

@Marf you are correct! Doh!! For some reason the update to 5.94 reminder wasn’t there, so I didn’t realize I was a version behind.

Good to see that you don’t have this issue wih v5.94!