Uhhh, this seems normal

I had pinegrow closed for several hours. Suddenly all my screens blacked out while playing arma, and i thought: “ok, its a varus, its all over.” So i unplugged my Backup harddrive as fast as i could. I then got 1 Monitor working again, started Task Manager and saw this.

Uhhh… pls fix i guess :smile:
-rep uses more RAM than after effects and Chrome combined

Ok, so after this happened yesterday i had a good laugh and went to bed. When i booted up my pc today, i did not laugh. Only 1 screen is working after i unplugged it from my GPU and put it directly intro my Mainboard. Seems like my graphics card broke because of that.
I will have to get someone here that knows a bit more about that kind stuff.
Gtaphics card doesent Display in device manager and nvidia control panel and geforce experience wont start.
I cant continue my work which is really frustrating, and i hope my pc hasnt suffered any hardware-damage because of that.

Has Anyone an idea?


This one gave me all kinds of problems!

@_mo sorry to hear about the problem. I hope everything will come back to normal. Filling up the RAM is bad, but it should not cause any hardware damage.

Re PG filling up RAM: are you using the latest PG version 6.3? We are aware of an issue with NWJS (a Chromium and Node.js bundle that we use to package PG into a desktop app) not cleaning up all its processes after user quits the app. In 6.3 we added some extra checks to help with that, but we haven’t received any user feedback on effectiveness of that yet.

Hi @_mo , if your lucky, your Graphics card was loose/not seated correctly on the Motherboard and you dislodged it when unplugging the monitor, if you did it in a panicy haste.

Open the case, and make sure it is pressed in correctly, and any fixing that holds it in (a screw (shouldnt then have come loose) or some quick release clip thing.

Check the motherboard, and the type of Graphic card connector for your board, as the slot connectors have various different formats and there is a plastic release clip on the motherboard which must be pressed, in order to RELEASE it. if your just pressing it in to correct its seated correctly, then it shouldnt be a problem.

Also, have you swapped the two monitors around, incase its a monitor issue not a card issue? _although… the fact that your Graphic card managment software doesnt fire up, indecates its the card.

SO, check that first.
make sure it is actually still CONNECTED to the motherboard.
If dislodged …even a bit , it wont be.

Good luck :slight_smile:

ps, just HOW MUCH… RAM does this beast have?