Undo (command-Z) is Unusable (PG 5.96)

I am so afraid what PG will do when I type command-Z to Undo that it is completely unusable. I just want to undo the very last keystroke, as all other applications do. PG seems to undo chunks of recent work, to what… to the previously saved version? I suppose that can be handy if you try something and it fails completely, you revert to the last saved, but that’s what a “Revert to Last Saved” option is supposed to do, if PG had that feature. After an Undo fail I usually I have to close the file without saving changes as a hack workaround for Undo not working as expected. Also, PG is also saving VAST databases of historical file versions, for what, is anyone actually using all those previous backup versions? I suppose the reason PG is saving so many history versions is because I am constantly saving files to avoid command-Z drama. Back to Undo, it would be nice if Undo was sequential, such as in Photoshop you can go back every single keystroke, step by step, and then Redo forward keystroke by keystroke if you choose. I see others have complained about PG’s handling of Undo before. As a new user, I see this is still a big problem. I usually have the code window open.
(macOS 10.14.6 Mojave/27" iMac)

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I can’t really speak to your problems with undo, only point out some resources.

You can tell what the undo command will perform by looking at the “Combined History” panel, located by default next to the Files and Library panels.

The number of backup copies that Pinegrow stores is controlled from the “Support” -> “Settings…” menu. At the very top you can set for a specific number, or none at all.

Hope this makes using Pinegrow a little easier.

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Thank you for those tips Bob.

whenever use ctrl + z on css code area, it will rollback html code. that’s terrible.

Yeah, you are right. I’m doing a trial of Pinegrow, and I think this might be a deal-breaker. Undo is one of the most basic and essential features of any editor, and Pinegrow’s undo is a complete disaster. It’s seemingly random whether a given edit will appear in that history or just get ignored. And then you hit undo and 5 things get undone instead of 1. What a joke. And judging by old forum posts, this problem has persisted for years. Pinegrow, please fix critical bugs before even dreaming of adding more features.