Undo does not work after using the AI Assistant?

I was using the AI Assistant and found that it does not “undo”. I ruined some code that was not backed up. Overwritten with AI replacing vital JS (Vue 3 functions). (Foolish me I blindly saved and trusted AI wouldn’t touch the JS code)

As much as I want to embrace the new tool, I feel it’s been a significant liability to start.

The Pinegrow “Select Element” for the AI assistant doesn’t seem to signify what I have selected, unless I double click? Then I might get an orange border. Perhaps I selected the element(s) incorrectly and had AI scope change the whole page?

That would all be fine, but I simply cannot undo. CTL + Z yields: “Nothing to undo” after an AI assist.
Isn’t there a History? that I might be able to recover a few steps back?

@mrSidX, sorry for the lost code. Are you using Pinegrow Web Editor or Vue Designer? The latest version?

Transform action (default choice in AI Assistant panel) works on the currently selected element (the one with the blue border and menu). Mark elements tool is used to point to certain elements within the selected element, not to set the scope of the transformation.

Hey matjaz,

I am currently at version 7.9 of the Pinegrow Web Editor.
Thanks for the tip, I see I’ll need to review the tutorials again.
One work around I’ll need to do is simply backup the file before I commit to saving the AI changes. That is until I can figure out how to undo when I don’t like the AI’s results.

I’m curious if the undo does not work because of how I am approaching the AI assistant?

Thanks for your prompt response.

@mrSidX the undo should work in every case. We recently fixed a bug with undo and transforation of the whole page, so it is possible there are more unresolved issues with that. Will keep an eye out for that and if you find a way to replicate the issue let me know.
Using some kind of source control (git…) and regularly committing the changes is the way to go, regardless of who is doing the editing.