Unresponsive after selecting new graphic file in Image properties [Solved]

Since upgrading from Ubuntu 20.04 to 22.04, I find that Pinegrow becomes fully unresponsive when I select a new graphic file (jpg or png) in the Image properties file selector. The new image shows in the properties window and the main WYSISWYG window, then nothing else responds. Other programs unaffected. The select finger pointer cursor moves across the Pinegrow window. Clicking the close X stacks up confirmation dialogs that are also unresponsive.
My workaround is to edit the new filename for graphic files in the code window.
My Pingrow version was 64.6.4 when I noticed it, and I installed 64.6.7 which had the same behavior.
I first thought the graphics that I selected caused the lockup, but even graphics that I had used successfully before locked the program when selected.

When I updated to 7.0.5 version of Pinegrow, this problem resolved.

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