W3c trailing slashes

Was asked to check my pages, and using https://validator.w3.org/, I got a huge amount of info warnings as to - Trailing slash on void elements has no effect and interacts badly with unquoted attribute values.

I removed all the trailing slashes in Pinegrow and upon saving the file for upload, it reapplied the slashes.

A example of the warnings:
meta charset=“utf-8”/>
meta http-equiv=“X-UA-Compatible” content=“IE=edge”/>
meta name=“viewport” content=“width=device-width, initial-scale=1, shrink-to-fit=no”/>
Slashes are there by design and needed?

No they are removed in the latest html and can be removed:


meta charset=“utf-8”/>


meta charset=“utf-8”>

This is also the case for script and style links!

Yes, that’s what I did on one of my pages, i removed them all- (like 23 total) in Pinegrow. I saved the page and Pinegrow re-inserted the slashes back. I can remove them with a text editor, but prefer to do it in Pinegrow so the changes are tracked and up to date. Is there a setting in Pinegrow to not insert them, or is it part of the program itself?

I never use Pinegrow for serious webdesign only for animation with Interactions.

This year there have been hardly any updates so the best is to contact Pinegrow support for this!

Well, only SIX so far for the installed version


and NINE for the live, online version.

That’s all…

So maybe put a post on the #feature-request topic @Keenick , but
I’m pretty sure PG Admins will have seen it here.

And, welcome aboard @Keenick :slight_smile:

Yes but have a look at what the updates are!

Most are not related to Pure Pinegrow updates!

@Keenick thanks for bringing this up. Starting from the next release (out next week), PG will not auto-add / to self contained elements. That said, it won’t remove / from the existing code, so that users will have a choice of using /> or > to close such elements.