Overwriting files - pinegrow does not remember the smart actions like in the video


I watched the tutorial - Pinegrow Theme Converter Walkthrough - YouTube minute marker 32:54. It shows that you can easily make your changes in webflow and export the html/css and then just override the project files with the new html/css and it will automatically remember the wordpress actions. Or it will show mapping errors if its not able to find the same selector.

But when I do it, it doesn’t work for me. Monosnap screencast 2022-12-14 10-12-14.mp4 - Google Drive

Im doing exactly like the video and overriding the file but it just overrides and erases all of the actions. Is there a setting that needs to be turned on? I can’t find much information on mapping

Can somebody answer this please? Anybody else having this problem?

Can you please contact the support and send us your project folder + the zip of the files with changes (like in your video)
We will check the situation.

I sent a support ticket on this on Dec 19 and still didn’t get an answer back.

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Sorry for the delay in processing your request, you did the right thing by reporting it again.

The support team had put it aside because we didn’t understand the source of the problem, believing that you were using Pinegrow Theme Converter. When we opened your project, we finally discovered that you were using Pinegrow Web Editor (these are two different applications)

As stated in the description of the video on Youtube, the tutorial you have seen is about a feature available exclusively in Pinegrow Theme Converter. Since you are using Pinegrow Web Editor, it is normal that the actions are overwritten when you modify your document from Webflow and then re-import the modified pages into your project.

The difference between these two apps is that Theme Converter stores WP actions outside of HTML source, thus making it possible to easily re-export HTML code from a different website builder app.

Read more about it at: Introducing Pinegrow Theme Converter | by Matjaž Trontelj | Medium

IMPORTANT: Pinegrow Theme Converter, while having this specific functionality, is not at the same level as Pinegrow Web Editor when it comes to creating WordPress themes, blocks and plugins. If you want to benefit from all the dedicated WordPress features introduced in the last few months in Pinegrow Web Editor (with the WordPress Theme builder option), this is not the solution for you.