Where I will find Tailwind?

where I could find tailwind?

I updated to Pinegrow 5.9.7, can’t find it.
I deleted user data and installed a trial version of 5.9.7, activated tailwind component, I don’t see it.

Unfortunately there is no tutorial video for tailwind in pinegrow and the screenshots of the written totorial are not clear enough for me.

Thanks in

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Hello, Pepper,

First of all, is the Tailwind add-on enabled on your Pinegrow license?
Do not hesitate to check the situation it by going to the menu Support > Purchase & Activate.
If you are sure that you have purchased the add-on and if the option is not active (the section named Tailwind Visual Editor should display a green Active checkmark), please click on the big green Activate button which will prompt you to restart Pinegrow to complete the activation.

See the following screenshot.

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have you been here?


when you say “Activate”, does that mean you went here?


just from looking at the video in the link above, it looks like the properties tabt gets a makeover with additional styling tools like you would find under the styles tab.

just a guess, i’ve not checked it out yet.

Hello @Emmanuel

as I mentioned, I have installed the trial version.
Download -> Free trial is included. All features, including interactions and WordPress theme builder, are fully functional in the free trial.

And under components I am able to activate tailwind. Will I have to do more than this?

I own Pinegrow Pro, but I moved to trial so I could test Tailwind and make a decision, if I would purchase it.

Thanks you very much for your fast reply.

Hello @droidgoo
thank you for your fast reply.

Yes I activated tailwind there.

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Then, please contact our support with all the details about your current license and we will check the situation together.

It is a trial version. I deleted the userdate folder and installed it as a trial version. I have only the default license for trial version I requested via email.

If I would know, how and where Tailwind looks?

Again, please, thank you to contact the support team with all the details about your situation. And we will fix this.