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Your last chance to get dealclub membership for free!

   Hi everyone, I have used these in the past, I found them really good, they have a last chance (like everything) offer of free membersthip - which means, its not free, as you spend to buy their membership -but, you then get your money back....... in goodies!

I have used them before, they had some really good stuff.
I paid to use thier club (which has even bigger discounts)
here’s some stuff about it

now, i couldnt find any info on this deal when I checked it out…no banners or anything on their page, but when you click one of the 3 deal club membership types… you will find that you have
DealClub Membership Annual credit points
listed above in your *about to be signed up for * membership plan - to the value of that plan.

but, they also do a pile of quality freebies too!

anyway, here is an explanation from their email, that i’ve edited down for you

                            BUY ANY DEALCLUB MEMBERSHIP        

                        AND GET

                            INSTANT CASHBACK IN THE FORM OF CREDITS

Purchase any DealClub membership and get the equal amount of credits in your account instantly.


Choose from these plans to get instant cashback:

                        Memberships                              Purchase For     Get Credits Worth

Dealclub Monthly Membership $6.99 $6.99

Dealclub Quarterly Membership $17.99 $17.99

Dealclub Yearly Membership $59.99 $59.99

You can use these credits in any of your purchases.

Credits don’t have any expiry, so you can use them whenever you want…just like real money!

What’s more?

By joining DealClub, you can download all the 20 deals worth $2800+ absolutely free.