Addon doesnt appear in Pinegrow Windows

Hello Guys!

I have already created a Support ticket with the devs.
But i still wanted to ask if maybe someone had the same issue and found a fix for this.

I recently purchased the Woocommerce Addon, wich if i try to buy again is telling me “ERROR: The licence is already upgraded to Shop Builder for WooCommerce edition.”
So i guess the original Purchase was successfull.

But in Pinegrow on Windows 11 i am unable to use the Addon. Even after refreshing the License and restarting Pinegrow after that.

My other Addon, Tailwind Editor works as always, but with the Woocommerce addon i am only able to activate the trial time for the woocommerce addon.

Had anybody the same issue and found a fix?

Have a good day and thanks for your time!

Hi @dlnkrg

Technical support has responded to you on Apr 7 at 19:42 and apparently you have received and read their reply :slight_smile:

They are now waiting for your response to their advice/suggestions.