What version is Pinegrow 7?

So I just installed the new Pinegrow 7 on mac M1 and am confused? Is it 7 or 6?

And issues I was hoping going to be addressed with new M1 power, like lag when browsing SVG art assets, are still there.

  • The quick preview on an SVG asset stops the whole program until a preview is rendered. So if you have an assets folder open that shows assets, and accidentally move the mouse over an SVG asset everything stops until the SVG preview is rendered.

Because I’m worried when using the first version of a new update, I kept the old app. And it says 6.7.

I think you easily understand that this is an omission (the update of this number is not automated) and that what is important is what is available in the About menu item and all the changes in the app that we present in the changelog.

I don’t remember I’ve seen any bug reports on this topic?
Did you open a topic here or send a message to support?

Thanks in advance for your answer.

No, I was lazy and didn’t report that bug, I was just hoping someone would solve it… sry about that. Will report it properly. Finding other issues with 7 now so there is more coming… :confused:

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We are always very reactive when serious issues are identified (which seriously impede the workflow), do not hesitate to report them to us, the support mailbox is open to you.

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