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Atom FTP Package Recommendation Request


My need is to, after having verified that several pages on my site are working together as desired, to click on a button that will upload to the server all html pages that have been changed. I would like this in Atom to take advantage of its integration with Pinegrow.

When I did this search:
I see many package options that do FTP. What is not clear to me is which of these will meet that file synchronization need. Any recommendations will be appreciated.


Take a look at this:


I have installed the remote-ftp package, and I was successful in making an FTP connection.

But I do not see where to start a synchronization, or even upload and individual file. Ctrl Shift U does not work because my OS is Ubuntu, not Windows, nor a Mac one. I have disabled upload on save because the need is to synchronize only after several files have been edited and are tested to be working together. How is this synchronization done using remote-ftp?


Your best option - imho - is a gulp task. There are dozens of examples online if you search “gulp sync ftp” or something like that. Node has several rsync-like pkgs that make it very efficient, and - while it’s not quite clicking a button - simply running gulp sync will do your upload for you.
Gulp may be slightly deeper than what you’re looking for, but it nails your need and gives you much more granular control than you’d get otherwise.

Much luck!


Is gulp task an atom package or an Ubuntu application?

In Atom I did a package search for “gulp” and got many hits for packages that have gulp in their names. I do not which to install.


I’m not using Ubuntu currently but this should explain how to install the gulp server and then setup a script to run.

You can also get creative and hack the FTP package to work with Atom on Ubuntu as the source for it is available on Git. It’s javascript so it shouldn’t be too difficult to change the key commands to execute under Ubuntu without conflicting with preset keys.


Hi @Artist , this is a good explanation, if you haven’t already looked into it


I know this thread is about FTP with Atom though reading some of the things some of you want to be able to do I have a suggestion for a stand alone software that works with Linux, Mac and Windows. Filezilla.

It allows you to upload only changed files and set all sorts of filters and other customizations. I never liked integrated FTP solutions and always went with stand alone software that was designed specific for the need I have.


Choose the CLIENT option NOT the Server option.

I do not think that any integrated options would work as well as something like this software. My 2 cents.


@Terry44, Also here is a download link to avoid / bypass the “Bundle” option, “include bundled offers” that you get with the above link. These downloads don’t include the additional bundles to avoid the fuss.

If anyone is on a mac, there are various Mac FTP apps (Transmit/Yummy/Etc., Etc.) which can nicely facilitate syncing changed files. I have used Transmit for years, but picked up Yummy FTP Pro on sale for a $1 recently.

There was a discussion on the Pinegrow Slack Channel about the desire for an FTP feature in Pinegrow. The consensus among most users, and I feel proper notion is to leave out FTP and focus on the core app as it currently stands. Plenty of 3rd part FTP options exist and people can then find the FTP requirements they need.


Yes, I don’t want Dreamweaver… Even back when it was good I hated the FTP integration because it would decide to update files when I did not want to.

It actually ended up destroying weeks worth of work because it decided to “sync” my testing files and live server files by downloading the live server copies to my testing folders and wiping out all the changes I had been working on. Then it uploaded those files back to the live server along with some outdated files and presto… screwed up website. I didn’t have recent backups so had to start over.

Thumbs down for integrated FTP. I even uninstalled the ATOM FTP plugin…