Work with FTP sync

Hi everyone!
I am beginner on pinegrow.
Pinegrow good tool for me, for frontend design. I want work by hosting files.
What is good package for this ?

( I tryed on Atom by Remote Sync, but on Pinegrow dont see bootstrap file attachment. Bec. bootsrap includes on header.php. I tryed edit innerpage.php.)

Thank you so much. Best Regards.

Good application, but poor support!

Hi @mrtydn Atom and Pinegrow are nicely integrated and this will allow you to use any of the ftp packages in Atom for FTP purposes.

I’m sorry but could you try and explain this a bit clearer as I don’t quiet understand what you are trying to say, thanks.

Also this is a community run forum and while the developers do read most if not all posts it is generally up to the good will of the Pinegrow community to reply to questions ask on this forum so I don’t think it is fair to say that there is poor support, as I’ve always found both the community and the developers to be very helpful. I guess allowing for the fact that it was the weekend when you posted you topic you probably were unlucky not to get a response fast enough at the time. But if you could help clarify the above I’m sure we (the community) will do our best to hep you out, I know I certainly will do as much as I can to be of assistance.


Hi @Rob You are right, it was the weekend. but i am at decision time. try understanding pinegrow will help me or not. if i disrespect, big sorry.

i think i need partial function of pinegrow.
for example.
my index page 3 part,
header.php, inner.php, footer.php
if i try edit inner.php, css not working, bec. css links part of header.php.

Thank you. Regards.

@mrtydn I’ve quickly created a page on my set up to try and understand your issue better and I think I can understand what you are trying to achieve but I’m not sure if this is possible in Pinegrow. I’m working on a mac and I’m using a combination of Pinegrow and MAMP Pro to load dynamically created pages that use PHP in my browser. While the index.php pages displays perfectly in Safari after including header.php, inner.php and footer.php the styles are only applied in the header as you have mentioned.

It is an interesting problem and one that I haven’t experienced myself because I use Pinegrow for my frontend design and then use either Coda or Atom for PHP if needed combined with MAMP it works quite well for my purposes.

One possible workaround would be to include the style.css file in both inner.php and footer.php while working in Pinegrow then comment it out or delete it when viewing in a browser or before going live, see screenshot of how it looks below:

I don’t know if this would be of any help and I know it’s not ideal but it is one way to try and work around it.

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@mrtydn - You must have caught @Rob on a good day, as he isn’t usually this helpful :grinning:

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No offence taken I only pointed it out so you would have a better understanding why there could be a delay in getting a reply. I think everyone here is willing to try and contribute to the forum but sometimes members are doing other things. I hope you see the benefits of Pinegrow and that it might find a place in your workflow.

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I use Filezilla for FTP. I personally do not like the auto sync feature so do not use it because I have had issues in the past with built-in FTP that rewrote my local copy with the server version and destroyed months of work. I was using Dreamweaver at the time.

I believe Filezilla has an auto sync feature where if the local version changes it updates the server version, I do not use that myself though.