Awesome job with version 3!

Have played around with version 3 all morning and wow this is awesome.
I was really worried about multiple monitor support due to the lack of a option to drag the windows on to another screen but the way you have done it now works really well and I think it’s even better then the way dreamweaver handles it.

Stretching the window across my 3 monitors works really well with the responsive windows and I must say I love it.
The wait was well worth it and this is for sure my new all in one web development tool,great job pinegrow team!!!


I fully agree with the statement of beatngu, PG is back in my busines, i’ve been using it the whole day.

The operating concept is a big step forward. I’m excited. Thanks to all the developers for this great work.

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Here, Here! This update is amazing, I am especially excited about trying the new undo/redo history feature.
I have only had a few minutes to play with the new interface and its amazing! I am looking forward to getting back to work.

PS Please do not sell Pinegrow to Adobe! PLEASE!!!

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I agree. I am currently on a two monitor system and when stretching pinegrow over them some of the menus and buttons get stuck directly between the two montiors and I can’t see what they are. LOL

I played around with 3 a little this morning and it seems to be a big improvement especially with CSS development.