Can someone do a good tutorial on the Pinegrow 6.3 setup with external build please?

Hi all,

I have been for ages on this…I just do not get it, this tutorial does not make sense at all:

Imagine that you start Pinegrow from fresh, click on

create project>>TailwindUI>>save project to folder called “tailwind”

What do you have to do next? It seems that this tutorial has missing steps.

All I am trying to do is be able to build my tailwind UI project within pinegrow but also be able to allow me to run the build commands outside Pinegrow(ie:visual studio).

If someone could give me a tutorial, I would really appreciate it.


Hello @Bennyboy

In fact, this intro/tutorial is not really meant to be exhaustive on the initial installation/setup process of TailwindCSS.
For that, an official tutorial is available on the TailwindCSS documentation site:

Once it is installed, starting from our documentation should be easier. However, if there are any questions or inconsistencies, we will make a point of making a tutorial on this topic soon.

Also, the specific case of a manual installation of TailwindCSS + configuration of TailwindUI and the external JIT compiler is indeed not addressed for now in our documents and we will also make sure to address this specific point in a future document.

Of course, this is one of the many ways to use TailwindCSS and TailwindUI from Pinegrow.
The JIT compiler and/or TailwindUI is also available using our standard integration and the Design Panel.