Cancelled subscription - still charged by

I cancelled my subscription to pinegrow in Jan 2017 because of the undo bugs.

I am still being charged $9.60 every month by


btw. undo bugs are still not fixed :frowning:

Regarding billing and/or licensing issues, you should contact us directly >

However, because your claim is public, I will answer publicly here as well.

From what I see, you have subscribed to a monthly plan for Pinegrow PRO - Personal on Feb 2018 then you have cancelled the subscription on May 2018.

Since that date, no payment was processed by us (at least with a license associated to the email raj@ad4u..)


Note: I see another subscription to a monthly plan for Pinegrow PRO - Personal but this time, with the email pinegrow@ad4u. . but I donโ€™t find any cancellation request nor message from you in our support mailbox nor in the billing system.

Please contact us before Jan 13, 2019 (next due) so we can find a solution.

Cancel subscription

RE: pinegrow@ad4u..

I have subscribed to check out the system for a month.

Please cancel the on going subscription as I will join again if the software is

what I need.

Best regards,


Also, still being charged for May 2018 cancelled subscription.

I see more details now:

Initial subscription (Order #911537) was cancelled (and fully refunded) as per your demand on 2nd January 2017. I can provide all the details (discussion + email + cancellation confirmation from Paddle)

But on 13th Jan 17, a new subscription was purchased (Order #1102904) and it is running since that date without any specific request of cancellation. (I can also provide the details)

Iโ€™m now going to close this topic.
Again, contact us in private for more details and for further actions.