What's the meaning of this?

I understand that I can use Pinegrow for as long as my subscription is active. I will be automatically charged every year and can cancel the subscription at any time. If cancelled, I won’t be able to use Pinegrow anymore.

No, honestly, I don’t understand stupidity. I will never agree to such nonsense.

Why? Because I specifically paid extra so that my application would continue to work AFTER I am no longer under subscription.

Are you not men of your word? You nickel and dime everything to death as an added subscription, when it should be a simple upgrade.

You went out of your way with GreenSock to avoid pleasing your customers. Instead of buying the full package and charging us accordingly, you decided to offer a severely dumbed down version called interactions for $25/mo.

And now THIS! Not willing to stand by my purchased product that I paid extra for. I paid EXTRA so that my Pingrow app would CONTINUE to work after my subscription expires.

I guess further purchases are off for me. Perhaps, maybe, there is some misunderstanding.

However, should I decide to not renew my subscription (as I have for MANY years), and my application stops working including the extras I paid for, you probably won’t hear the end of it.

@Pervasive Please reach out to our support team with all the details about your Pinegrow license (email and activation) and your specific concerns. This will enable us to effectively address your issue and provide a satisfactory resolution.

Without knowing the details of user’s license plans, addressing few points that might be of interest to others.

We offer two modes of payment: one time payments and subscriptions. The terms quoted by OP refer to subscriptions and have been like that from the start of offering subscriptions, we didn’t change anything.

Sounds like this refers to the one-time payment plan. In such cases, you can continue to use the latest version covered by the validity period of the license for as long as you want.

We only offer Interactions as subscription due to the GreenSock licensing conditions. We pay an annual fee to GreenSock based on the number of users we have. Therefore we can’t offer a perpetual license for this add-on.

Again, this has been the deal from the day we launched Interactions.

We have a custom enterprise agreement with GreenSock that lets our users use Interactions without any strings attached. We’re not simply using one of their standard commercial plans.

You are free to use whatever GreenSock license you get directly from GreenSock with Pinegrow, coding interactions with JavaScript. Pinegrow Interactions support a subset, offering a visual UI to control that.

@Pervasive as for your specific case, as @Emmanuel suggested, get in touch and we will address any issues.

The last thing we want is to upset our users. If it comes to that we are usually able to find an agreeable solution.


I work in Support, and y’all support is 6 star. I had a ticket over the weekend, and we were calling each other Bro, was f***ing glorious! :heart::100: