Customizing a Tailwind CSS theme - The complete tutorial

Another outstanding tutorial. I can’t emphasize enough how much these tutorials have accelerated my learning of Pinegrow.

So first, I want to thank the person on the Pinegrow team for creating this specific tutorial. It has really helped me to jump start my Tailwind customization efforts.

Second, I just want to point out a few things that maybe should be updated in the tutorial:

  1. In the section called Setting Up the Build Process, the line of code to add in the package.json file is not correct. It should be the one actually shown in the listing of the package.json file below it.
  2. With the latest version of tailwindcss (1.7), there will be build warnings about upcoming changes that can be remedied with an additional change to the tailwind.config.js file as described here:

Again, great job on these tutorials. Thank you!



Thanks @David, good catch! I fixed that line.

Regarding (2) I added the Keeping up to date section to the guide:

Glad to hear the guide was helpful :slight_smile:

I just want to add my thanks as well. This was a very helpful tutorial even if one is not using your tailwind plugin. I wish I had this when I started playing around with Tailwind. It would have saved me hours!


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