Does PG still offer Email Support?

Hi, I have 3 support emails in via the email ticketing system but on two of them, I’ve have not received any update or response in 3+ weeks, and on my most recent one (a request for a refund on an invalid license charge) I have not received any response at all in over 9 days.

I’m happy to post all support on the forum if that is a better avenue. -Thanks!


The forum is an excellent solution to discuss development issues, tips, etc. …

For the rest, we continue to actively handle support emails and provide answers as soon as possible.
As you know, in the near past, the support has exchanged about thirty messages with you, on various issues and questions and overall in a timely manner, but misses can happen, so I will look at your requests and make sure you get new answers as quickly as possible :wink:


Hi, thanks for responding to my recent email tickets. -Best regards