Github collaboration issues

We are having issues using github with Pinegrow. It seems that the json files keep changing and quite often something happens where we lose the css grid and the page becomes jumbled up.

Just wondering if any of you can guide us on what should be ignored in merges and the best way to collaborate on a pinegrow project. For example, should certain files be ignored in merges?

(We are using just plain html / css / javascript no framework.)

Any tips appreciated!

the json files are not needed for page to work… i don’t upload any of the .json files to my host.

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Have you disabled “auto-save” in Pinegrow, and added the correct files to the .gitignore list?
You want to either include your workspace in the project folder (pinegrow.json) so other people who you work with have the same. But if that’s not the case, please ignore this file as it contains the editor’s settings so it loads where you left off. Hope this helps