What should we include in our .gitignore file?

I have the following in my gitignore. Are these recommended? They seem specific to my workspace.

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That’s my list as well :+1:t4:

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I have:


I keep _pginfo and pinegrow.json, but I’m interested in understanding your reason for ignoring them.

Because they change with every commit. I have yet to work on a Pinegrow project with another dev but my assumption is that it’s to do with my personal setup of Pinegrow and not necessary. That’s what I wanted clarification on.

On another note, why are you ignoring package-lock? You shouldn’t ignore package-lock.json.

Thanks for the info about package-lock.json – I learn something new every day!

I keep pinegrow.json since it holds configuration information or my project and theme. Without it, my WordPress and TailWind theme settings get all mucked up. I haven’t tried excluding _pginfo yet, but since it holds my class tracker, I’m hesitant to exclude it.

If you also use VSCode you might want to put .history in there too

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I’ve not seen this. Is this something Pinegrow creates? because FYI, my .gitignore is much bigger than I’ve show, I’m just focusing on Pinegrow files.

Ignore if you don’t use the history plugin in VSCode