How can i download the original webpages

… with all pictures and submenues? My old pages are on jimdo. But i cannot download all structures. I can open the website with pinegrow given with url. If i want to save with images, how can i download it?

Hi @oem69,
Pinegrow doesn’t directly support this. It is better to open your pages in your browser and then there should be a menu item to save the entire page. In Chrome it is under the file menu. This will bring down all of the images, style, and html. You can then open that folder as a project in Pinegrow. You will need to do this with each of your pages to get the html and image files.
Hope this helps,

if you have SFTP access to the host server, you can just transfer al the file over to a folder that way. i use WinSCP.

but i’ve found that just opening one of these pre-fab proprietary coded websites in PG does not result in the kind of joy you might expect.

when my website built in netobjects was downloaded, it did not render well at all in PG because there was too much of it in proprietary format that no longer worked and it was not worth trying pick thru.

but at least i could get to the content and rebuild

There is an app called site sucker that will download a complete site,all pages, HTML, CSS, JS etc to a folder. You can then open as a project in PG. this is a Mac app but I believe there are similar for PC