How do clients edit with CMS?

I don’t understand how clients use the CMS. Once I upload files to hosting server, how to clients edit with Pinegrow CMS? They don’t have files local so how do they make edits and publish?

Is there a better CMS that works with Pinegrow I should use? I don’t like Wordpress but any others?

I don’t know of any others at the moment.

If you follow the online tutorials for PG Theme Converter, you should be able to gain an understanding of how it’s done.

Clients edit using Pinegrow bought under a client cms licence. This limits their access to just the CMS editable areas you defined. It is indeed true that a client can’t edit files that are stored on the server. The idea behind pinegrow CMS is that it’s simple, meaning you can edit HTML files directly using the program. That has as a limitation that a copy of the website has to be stored locally and that someone still has to upload the files to the server using FTP after every edit. And since Pinegrow does not have a built in FTP solution you will have to use another program for that (Filezilla for instance). Now I do understand that most clients won’t know how to handle something like that so I agree with you that that is quite a serious limitation (although there exist FTP solutions that upload files to a server once changes in local files are detected. Or at least, that’s what I have been told).