Several Questions

I have several questions and rather than hopping all over this forum, I’ll post them all here and hopefully someone can answer and thus share;

1.) Is there a way to do a site-wide find and replace so I don’t have to make the same change manually on each page?

2.) I haven’t found were/how to create a server-side include. Is this feature available in PineGrow?

3.) Will PineGrow eventually add an FTP capability so files can be easily exchanged between remote and local sites from within the app?

4.) Are there add-on modules available to expand PineGrow’s capabilities (like sendmail, online page editing, etc.?

5.) How do I secure Editable Areas to prevent unauthorized changes to the content?

Hi there, with regards 1.
NO, there isn’t :frowning: they recommend using an external editor with this required feature. Ie, Atom, with the PineGrow Atom Plugin … this allows them to work together in real time and both can edit the files and it SHOULD update and save and be viewable in the other … but check feedback here for this.

  1. I don’t think so.

  2. no idea. Have to ask the devs themselves but I see no point personally as there are superb FREE S/FTP clients out there. Use them, save the devs the hassle and let them concentrate on the features that currently DONT exist in other products.

  3. not sure, I don’t really know the other modules your on about. @benhanna has a selection of free and premium blocks over at his website, and is looking at producing an ecommerce site plugin set.

  4. I’m not sure how anyone else could edit your content. once its published… Who would be editing them? at what stage?
    there is a Pinegrow CMS version, for clients… maybe check that out?

Ok good luck and welcome aboard :slight_smile: Sorry if some of my answers are not precisely what you want, but thought I’d help out a bit, to save you waiting and staring at a blank screen for answers.
Maybe others could offer more precise answers for you too, either way, good luck :slight_smile:

I would just add …

#2. You may find reading through these at least somewhat interesting,

But yeah long story short, currently not a good workflow.

#4. You can manually implement any CMS, Form sending, etc., that you like by using each setup and usage criteria set forth by the 3rd party library, service, etc., that you wish to use.

Otherwise overall, unless some things change regarding either app heading into the direction of the other, you may need to keep your current workflow that you previously discussed regarding using - Pinegrow (+) Wappler, for perhaps the foreseeable future.

Thanks for sharing Pinegrow love over there also. :wink:

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