Issue during the reinstallation of the WordPress plugin [Answer provided]

Does anyone know how to reactivate a WordPress License? I had to reinstall WordPress so it deleted my Pinegrow plugin. I’ve reinstalled but it won’t let me reactivate my license because it says it is already active. It won’t let me deactivate the license from this WordPress install because it thinks it is activated already. The domain is exactly the same as the previous install.

I’ve sent 4 emails (since June 17) to the Pinegrow support team but they do not reply. Are they still operating and supporting this product?

I am extremely worried about running this production environment if you get no support from the developers.

Hello @Jonno,

I’m really sorry for the inconvenience, however, I have just searched for any messages with your forum email address in our support inbox and spam filter, and unfortunately, I couldn’t find any trace of your messages.

It’s possible that you might have used a different email address. In that case, I kindly invite you to contact me here via a direct message so that we can investigate the issue further.

(And just in case you used the wrong one, the email to reach us is visible at the following address: Contact Us | Pinegrow Web Editor)

Issues with activation, deactivation, and reactivation of the WordPress plugin only occur in the single-site and/or free version when the site is not deactivated (via the Deactivate license button) before killing the wordpress install / uninstalling the plugin even if the subsequent installation is for the same domain.


Note: Activating or deactivating the plugin on different domains is not the intended procedure for this type of license. For such requirements, we recommend considering our multisite license, which is specifically designed to accommodate multiple domains (and therefore installations).

Nevertheless, if you would like us to disable the problematic site, please let us know, but we will need to receive your information. I reiterate my invitation for you to contact us via a direct message here, as it seems that your messages are not reaching our support inbox.

Best regards.