Minicart or online store plugin

Is there a “minicart” or “online store” plugin available for PineGrow that is NOT a WordPress plugin? I have one that I wrote (PHP/MySql) and use but am curious if there is a pre-packaged one available from someone that would interface with PG.

Not sure exactly what you mean by “interface with PG”. There are several non-Wordpress e-commerce solutions - I believe OpenCart and PrestaShop are both open-source. Pretty much all of them are written in PHP plus some templating language. OpenCart uses twig and PrestaShop uses smarty. This somewhat limits what can be done with PG. I’m sure if you looked a little more you might find one that isn’t templated, but generally that is the best way to deliver pages to the browser with a lot of changing data. Hope this helped a little.

Some time ago when looking for e-commerce options, I found this. I ended up going with Volusion, so I didn’t investigate it any further.