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Minify CSS and Javascript


Hoping some one on here may be able to help.

Been asked if I can minify several hundred css and a few js files for a client. Really looking for a windows desktop app for this rather than online as easier to get wife trained !

Any thoughts or recommendations please?


Notepad++ Join Lines?

This is what I do when minimizing PHP, HTML CSS, JS files… Essentially all you are doing is putting everything on one line. You should test as you go to make sure it still is working, depending on how the code is written you could break it by doing this… CSS, should be fine though.

Backup and save non minified versions for later editing or additions OR manually insert some delimiter you can use to easily unminiify it later.


If it is to be automated, then I would use prepros:


Its online but should do the job


Atom Editor also has an Atom-Minify plugin that you can install if you are currently using the Atom editor with Pinegrow.

Also CodeKit will do it for you when it processes your project if you have the option set. Highly recommended program.