Odd login panel!


I just came back to my previously logged in Forum page, to check up on the action
and I had an odd window pop up!

oops, unable to process that

Then the forum page loaded, but was greyed out,
My Avatar wasnt,present in grey background said I was logged out there and It presented me with some unknown login window!


Im not entering any info on that!
So shut this page, opened a new one,went to forum and bingo, i WAS still logged in.

No idea what happened but keep your eyes on on this forum! in case there is something odd going on.

Ive never seen THAT login box before!
Is it a forum one>? if it is I’ll feel silly, if not, look out for it.

PS, Silly is something I’m used too…you know, big shoulders and all that…

Hi @schpengle,
Pretty sure you just had a cookie clearing event, maybe when you were testing a certain plugin? :thinking:
Anyway, I believe that is a legit login.
The Brayer

mmm weirdness.
Ive never seen that login panel before, and a certain plugin is currently taking a siesta as I then got stuffed by the odd PG CSS Clone bug aaand, I between everything I could get nothing done.
…Must try harder.

In fact, i will do , right now.