PG v5.992 Issues?

I installed PineGrow v5.992 on my MacBook and am experiencing quite a few bugs (empty GUI windows, tabs not working, setting attributes not always working, etc).
Anyone else experiencing this? Anyone know a safe method to revert back to v5.991 until the folks at PG can fix the buggy v5.992?

Hi @randyrie,
I’m using OS X 10.14.6 with no issues. What OS are yesion are you using? Any plugins installed? Version 5.992 seems to be quite stable for most people.
Sorry for your troubles,

Thanks @RobM for your response

I’m using macOS 10.15.7…

Again, a re-install of the app resolved many of the issues I was experiencing… beginning to think my MacBook"s SSD may be having some read/write issues. :fearful:

Of course I’ll Google this but since many of you guys are Tech Gurus, I’ll also ask here if anyone knows of a reliable app that I could use to test the integrity of my MacBook’s SSD?

The best app probably depends on the drive. Most of the newer macbook drives are samsung, but it might also be Toshiba. If Samsung I would try Samsung Magician.

Seeing all these problems with Mac, i am seriously happy with my Windows OS. I had the least of the problems. The only major one was the blocks for Bootstrap 4 didnt work. They fixed it in release 5.991. I am staying with the release for a while.