Pinegrow 3 slow?

Is it just my computer or does Pinegrow 3 seem really sluggish compared to 2.9x?

What is your computer & Operating System ?

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Well, Mac OS X 10.11.4 El Capitan here and
…its pretty Zippy! :slight_smile:

same with Sierra 10.12.5

I have win 7, 4 GB memory, semi-decent CPU. I will try it on my better computer with better specs. The 4 GB might have been the problem.

@msavard How did you get on trying it on your better computer?

Its still sluggish. When starting out a page it’s fine as it isn’t very complex but doing a complex page causes everything to slow down considerably. I was trying it out with loading in a page off the Semantic UI docs.

Im facing this same issue on OS X 10.10.5 with 16gb of ram and a an ssd drive. Pinegrow 3 is resource intensive and sluggish. Really hope that the update to Pinegrow 3.0.2 corrects this.

I am also having the same issue on a 4 gigs sony laptop. Other softwares like photoshop run like a sharm on it but Pinegrow 3 is super slow,

@all Can you describe:

  • Your operating system
  • CPU and RAM
  • Pinegrow version number

Your typical use of Pinegrow

  • Number of tabs open
  • Templates created by yourself or from a market
  • Javascripts in your templates
  • and all the details you can provide …

So we can investigate your feedback.

Huge factor in performance is JS and CSS animations on the edited page, and number of open tabs and views.

In general, Pinegrow 3 should be faster than 2.x.

When sending reports also send us the page / project you’re editing.

Here is a simple example of the slowness of PG3. The first movie is PG3. Notice how there is a delay after clicking an element until it is selected. The next movie is PG2. Notice how much faster it responds. This is a really simple text. There is only the elements you see on the screen and a really simple CSS file. No animations or JS. You can tell when I click the element by watching for the red circle around the pointer. The exact same code/css was used for both versions.

Pinegrow 3

Pinegrow 2

In PG 3 a lot depends on what panels are displayed, as most are updated on every click. Active Style panel with many CSSs loaded can slow things down.

Pinegrow 3.04 will deliver significant performance improvement. For example, on a complex Semantic UI doc page, we were able to reduce time for update on element select from 1200ms to below 300ms.

Here’s a dev build for OSX if you want to give it a try:

Also, any situation where PG 3 is slower than PG 2.x for no good reason, is treated as a bug. Faster performance is one of the main goals of PG 3 and we’ll tweak things until we achieve that.

FYI - 3x is slower for sure. The system itself is slower (from all of the associated updating it is doing across tabs) and UI design (my workflow is much slower). Simply put, I can get more done faster and safer with 2.9x.

Sorry PineGrow - this is an alpha release for sure.

@rayjnorris what parts of UI design slow you down?

Design Workflow:

I hide (eliminate) the new css attributes section of the css tab. I
believe it is causing much of the performance slowness (I can see the
system ripple thru the updates across the tabs). Also, to be effective ,
the new CSS tab(s) require a large monitor.


I think there is quite a bit going on across tabs to sync on changes in UI,
css, etc … Right now, that is causing the slowness.

In 2.9x, I don’t see any of that because most tabs don’t try to sync the
same as 3.x.

With all that said, I don’t use 3.x much, I find that it really slows me
down and I can see the UI was designed for large monitors - I do much of my work on
a Macbook Pro 15.

I super like Webflow’s design and I can see that you are offering up all of
the extended css html5 offerings (transitions, transformations, delay, etc)

I was looking to ease my design workflow using those features in 3.x, but
3.x is too buggy and also, the css area requires a large screen to be
effective … I jump into Webflow to get that done.

I hope this helps!

Thanks Ray, it helps!

3.04 will be much faster already and we’ll look into improving the UI for smaller screens.

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Very cool Matjaz - thanks for being so open and responsive to feedback - super appreciated.

Pinegrow has always been slow starting up for me and that has not changed at all including the most recent update.

Brackets which is also based off the same technology is much faster loading than Pinegrow. That is only thing I have to say about speed. If it can be made to load much faster that would be a plus for me.