Pinegrow Running Slow?

Is it just me or has PG started to run slow somewhere within the last 2-3 updates? It’s almost unusable for me at this point with the lag.

I can run all Adobe Products fine with no lag and my PC is a gaming PC with 32G of Ram and Intel(R) Core™ i7-8750H CPU @ 2.20GHz 2.21 GHz 64bit.

On any project ? or on a specific project ?
Further details are welcome.

Good question, I opened an old project and that ran fast but now my current project is running fast too… I’ll check my resources if it starts to run slow again to see if PG is causing the issue or if another program is stealing ram/pcu. I’ll also test an older project at that time as well. -Thanks!

Erm… so a little embarrassing but I’ve been doing a ton of training videos lately while screen recording and that was why PG seemed so slow lately, :sweat_smile:

I should have put two and two together, lol. PG still rocks :star_struck:

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Thank you for this reassuring clarification :slight_smile:

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@jonroc try using Pinegrow Live. It has some not-yet-released performance optimizations. That should help during the recording.

Thanks! Gonna give it a try!