Plugins Tutorial - Where?

Never mind. Found the tutorial for plugins here:

I want to use the Caldera Forms.
The video tutorial mentions that the Caldera Form plugin was already added.
But I can’t find any tutorial or documentation that explains how a plugin in general, or even better, the Caldera plugin specifically, is added to Pinegrow.
Any pointers would be highly appreciated.
Thank you.

Plugins like caldera forms are for wordpress. Install this through the wordpress dashboard

My links are dead. I need active links to download my purchase. I’ve pm’d you, but you don’t seem very active on this forum.

@benhanna I’m trying to get in touch with you.


You can download them again anytime from your account by logging into the site

Please use or the support forum for a faster reply


Very quick and efficient process in place.

Thanks for the update, plugins downloaded.

Thank you very much.